Welcome to OneWorkComp. We are a provider of innovative workforce solutions.

Locate us: 

OneWorkComp, Inc. is headquartered in Uptown Whittier.  At the moment our network of Vocational Return-to-Work Counselors provide coordinated vocational and educational services within the following regions:

Los Angeles County, Orange County, Oxnard/Ventura, Palmdale/Lancaster, San Diego County – more locations will be added soon…very soon!

In the meantime we can answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Who are we?

We are a network of Vocational Return to Work Counselors (VRTWC) providing professional vocational counseling services within California’s Workers’ Compensation industry.  All meet the eligibility requirements to be listed on the VRTWC list that is periodically updated by the Return-to-Work Supplemental Program (RTWSP) Unit managed by California’s Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC).  Our counselors are bilingual in Spanish/English.

Why OneWorkComp?

Our mission is to provide individuals and educational institutions alternative and innovative workforce solutions.  What does that mean? It means, providing injured workers with alternative options beyond the benefits afforded to them via the Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit (SJDB) vouchers and the network of vocational schools listed on the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL).  We strive to achieve greater results through  collaboration with vocational schools to design educational programs that provide injured workers with a true viable means of returning to suitable and gainful employment.

How do we make that above happen?

Our goal as an organization is to provide our VRTWCs (Vocational Counselors) with continued training and education to better serve injured workers and those seeking to return to the job market after an extended absence from employment due to a work related injury.

We also build partnerships with the local WorkSource Centers, now commonly referred to as AJCCs (America’s Job Centers of California) to leverage the benefits of the SJDB voucher with resources and potential training funds that injured workers may qualify via the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).  The goal is to access any and all resources available to individuals seeking assistance in their efforts to return to work.

WorkSource Centers can play a vital role in providing additional funding and resources that are not only crucial to helping workers find the means to pay for their vocational training, but also to help bridge the skills gaps between a workers existing job skills and work experience with the necessary skill sets required to compete for employment in a job market, a labor market that is increasingly knowledge based and technologically advanced.

How do I find out more?

Please reach out to us.  You can reach us via phone at 800.693.2131 | email us at info [dot] oneworkcomp.com | you can also fill out our handy dandy online form below.

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